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Opportunity Search & Concept Stage

MODULE - 1 : Feasibility Studies

Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Reports that cover the opportunity not only in terms of demand-supply scenarios but also market environment and competition. Technology and fuel options, evacuation feasibility, and execution mode alongwith typical cost of the plant are also examined. The picture is completed with a description of regulatory and environmental issues, operating requirements including training, capital requirements and risk factors and mitigation strategy.

Development Stage

MODULE - 2 : Project Development Services

The module covers obtaining statutory & non-statutory clearances, as applicable (e.g. civil aviation, forest, MOEF, CRZ, village panchayat etc.), arranging fuel linkage and water allocation. Preparation of plot plan, project schedule and specification, conducting site survey, hydrological studies for water source, Environmental Impact Studies are completed. Also involves design and planning including construction layout and fuel transport system, arranging construction power and water. Finally, it covers review of Power Purchase Agreement, Wheeling Agreement and Fuel Supply Agreement and recommending EPC vis-a-vis Non EPC approach including optimization of Packages.

MODULE - 3 : Project Report Preparation

The deliverable of this module is a Detailed Project Report that includes comprehensive cost estimates and tariff projection. It also covers market environment, customer background and diversification of market risk, rating of the power plant, statutory & non-statutory clearances, permits, land fuel and water availability, evacuation scheme, implementation schedule, plot plan and layout aspects, technology adopted, brief description of various systems & equipment.

MODULE - 4 : Preparation of EPC Specification/Turnkey Package Specs

This module covers preparation of NIT specifications covering project synopsis, prequalification criteria, ensuring compliance of ICB guidelines, layout details, brief technical specifications for design, engineering, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of the plant, specification datasheets and drawings, evaluation criteria.

MODULE - 5 : EPC/Turnkey package Bid Evaluation

Following up on module-4, this stage covers rvaluation of bid proposals, selection of bidder/s, division of work between various package vendors, if applicable and participation in discussions with Lenders.

CDM & Carbon Trading Advisory Services

Pre-Construction Stage

MODULE - 6 : Vendor Documentation Review Services (EPC related)

Included in this module is the review of documents and drawings of the EPC Consultant during the execution of the project to ensure 'Reliability, Availability, Maintainability of all plant & equipment in compliance to applicable National/International specifications, applicable codes, Indian laws, environmental rules and regulations and Industry standards and prudent engineering practices. This also covers approval of sub vendors and sub-contractors for various system & equipment, review of Detailed Plant and Equipment Layouts, review of Quality Assurance Programme (QAP), review and approval of CW transient analysis and model test, review of critical piping layout and stress analysis, review of O & M Manual of each Package/Equipment, review and approval of Performance Testing Procedure & Schedule. The essence is to ensure seamless integration of various packages by reviewing key interface engineering data/documentation and critically reviewing the terminal points of each distinct interface package/equipment. Preparation & submission of project completion report in approved format is carried out after completion of construction phase.

MODULE - 7 : Non EPC Work Services

The deliverable of this module is complete design, engineering and preparation of detailed drawings comprising various activities for Non EPC works. This includes preparation of General Design Basis, Cost estimates for approval of project by Financial Institutions, preparation of single tender document with schedules layouts/General Arrangements & Construction drawings with BOQ's etc. Interaction are carried out with CTU, STU, RLDCs and SLDCs as required to evolve the Grid interconnection facility as also the Long Term Open Access and Short Term Open Access to transmission system. Co-ordination is ensured with the relevant agencies, as required, for ensuring protection scheme and ABT metering as required.

MODULE - 8 : Financial Closure Services

This module involves preparation of applications for debt financing, including Preparation/Review of responses to queries of Financial Institutions, preparation and conclusion of preliminary term sheet, appraisal formalities, negotiation of terms and conditions of pre-commitment and sanction, review of common loan and securitization agreement, and fulfillment of pre-disbursement conditions.

Construction and Commissioning Stage

MODULE - 9 : Project Management Services

This involves review of project schedules furnished by EPC contractor, Non-EPC Contractors in order to establish completion within the stipulated time. Review of schedules and monthly project reports to highlight the status of the project, variances and activities on the critical path. Also includes suggestions and remedial measures to bring the project back on schedule. In essence, responsible for project management, engineering and procurement activities.

MODULE - 10 : Construction Management Services

This module is a key differentiator vis-á-vis other solution providers as it involves deputing and maintaining a team of construction engineers at site to oversee the construction and commissioning activities of the project contractors. The site supervision team for carrying out the services will comprise of engineers from all disciplines. Supervision to ensure work according to contract specifications and approved drawings. Witnessing, checking and verifying material test conducted as well as certificates & results submitted by the Contractor. Witnessing, evaluating and certifying the Performance Trials conducted by the EPC Contractor & sub-contractors.

The deployment and withdrawal of engineers is done in a phased manner depending upon the progress and completion of construction and commissioning activities.

MODULE - 11 : Inspection & Expediting

For assurance of quality, inspection engineers from the related field of specialization witness, review and approve major sub-contractors/sub-vendors, quality plans, manufacturer's test/inspection reports and test certificates, equipment manufacture through stage inspections.

Operations Stage

MODULE - 12 : Operation & Maintenance Contract and O&M Advisory Services (OPTIONAL)

To allow seamless transition from the construction and commissioning phase to the operations phase, this module is available at the option of the project company, to deploy a team of operations and maintenance engineers for running the plant. The O&M advisory component includes review and analysis of operational and efficiency parameters, formulating action plans in consultation with O&M staff, maintenance schedules, long-term agreements for spares, conducting technical and inventory audits, and review of O&M cost.