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                             Mr. Rajeev Sethi

President (Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Expert)

Mr. Sethi has 40+ years of experience in geotechnical and geological analysis including geotechnical parameters of Dam and Power House foundation, borrow area, quarries, managed staff and supporting sub consultants and studies, conduct research, perform preliminary geological reconnaissance, geotechnical and geological studies, review testing results, and develop design recommendations, making decisions on significant design and engineering procedures and function as technical specialist, developed, managed, and/or performed field work for geotechnical and geological studies in accordance with various public agencies, and private clients, prepared documents detailing analysis and recommendations, critically reviewed testing results, design recommendations, and documents detailing the studies/projects conducted, analysis of geotechnical findings, perform appropriate calculations and prepared data reports, developing proposals and determined cost and schedule for investigations, providing direction to technical team in field inspection activities, planned boreholes locations for investigations, finalizing borehole logs data and Water Pressure Tests (WPT) received from site office, preparing Lab testing programs and evaluation of results, preparation of monthly and interim progress reports and Technical Memorandums related to Geology and Geotechnical section, etc. He has executed assignments in various countries including Bhutan, Nepal, India, Uganda, Niger, etc.

                      Mr. Dilip Karkun

Hydropower Expert

Mr. Karkun holds over 48 years of experience in the examination, planning and detailed design and drawings of dams and ancillary structures (as Owner's Engineer), review of studies of mathematical and physical models, meeting with the group of experts on dam safety. (POE) and other experts, frequent design review meetings at the project site, to resolve design-related site issues with the contractor; Planning and design of the dam, spillways and ancillary structures; Geological and geotechnical assessment to establish the foundation grade of the dam and the slope stability measurements in the abutments; Instrumentation planning; Construction planning, equipment planning and preparation of the implementation schedule. He has executed assignments in various countries including Bhutan, Nepal, India, Uganda, etc.

                          Mr. Jang Bahadur

Electro-Mechanical Expert

Mr. Bahadur has over 47+ years of experience for various assignments executed both in Asia and Africa holding expertise into planning, power system studies, design and engineering, construction monitoring of electro-mechanical works of Hydropower Projects- from concept to commissioning executing activities into  planning, design & engineering, construction, and commissioning including Project Management activities such as power evacuation systems, substation, switchgear, preparation of technical specifications for electro-mechanical equipment, etc.; He has been responsible for preparation of conceptual design of electro-mechanical works, preparation of Technical specifications, sizing calculations of Electro-mechanical equipment,  review of detailed design of Contractor, Quality Assurance, preparation cost estimates for power system equipment, planning, design and engineering of the transmission line and substation and training of Client’s personnel in respect of electro-mechanical aspects of Hydroelectric Projects. He has executed assignments in various countries including Bhutan, Nepal, India, Uganda, etc.

         Mr. Anirudh Raj Gupta

Hydro-Mechanical Expert

Mr. Gupta has more than 49 years of experience in the field Hydro-mechanical. He has handled various activities related to his field i.e.

·    Design of spillway radial gates.

·    Design and engineering of various valves, sluice gate, canals Gates, pipes and penstocks, flood regulating gates, evacuators,

·    Preparation of erection and operation manual for hydro power stations.

·    Design and development of turbine, valve and mechanical auxiliaries.

·    Design and Material planning, preparation of technical specification of raw material, components etc. for procurement.

·         Preparation of erection and operation manual for hydro power stations.

·         Rectification of a damaged U/G penstock – design and fabrication/erection drawings for rectification

·         Review & approval of manufacturer’s design and drawings of hydro-mechanical equipment, approval of installation methodology, review of field quality plans and quality data book of various gates, hoists & other equipment, estimate of quantities & cost and preparation of tender specifications and drawings for HM equipment

             Mr. VPS Chauhan

            Project Head & Construction Expert

Mr. Chauhan has 40+ Years of Experience in the field of Hydro Power Sector, worked in more than 12 Projects in different positions. More than 3 Projects having capacity more than 100 MW were constructed and commissioned under his Leadership (worked as Project Manager). He has been in the leadership role for many other projects including the Geotechnical Investigations, Feasibility Report, Drafting of Contracts and Award of large value Contracts and then in the  Implementation Stage. Have been instrumental in creating the Standard Operating Procedures and in building a team of diverse disciplines.                                                                           

Mr. Chauhan presently is Chief-de-Mission, in Niger in ABK Hydro Electric Power Project for execution of PMC contract.

       Mr. R.S Mehrotra

                Electro-Mechanical Expert

Mr. Mehrotra has over 40 years of experience as Head -Electro-mechanical Prepared various commissioning protocols for carrying out electro-Mechanical works, listed all commissioning activities and procedures for projects commissioning:

·  Erection of Generator, Excitation System & its auxiliaries. Erection of Turbine, Governor &its auxiliaries. Computerized Control, Illumination and Communication & Public Address System. Power & Control Cables and 420 KV GIS, GIB & its auxiliaries. Generator Transformer, LT Bus Duct & S.S.T and AC & DC Power Supply at Power House. Erection & commissioning of 33KV & 11KV Switchgears/415 KV Switchgears including SF 6 Circuit breakers, Emergency DG Set. Erection/Commissioning of All Electrical System of Power House

·  As a Technical Advisor for the work of Erection, Testing, Commissioning, and Annual maintenance of various hydropower projects, oversaw erection, testing, commissioning and maintenance of various equipment’s prior to commissioning of various hydropower Projects.

·  Inspected various critical items for Generator and Turbine at supplier’s end

·  Heading team for testing and commissioned all the unit and synchronization with the grid;

·  Carried out output and Field Efficiency Tests; etc.

·  Operation and Maintenance of GSI/GIB of 420KV Switchyard at Siemens in Germany

·   Inspection of Generator Materials of 250 MW Hydro Units of Tehri supplied by Power Machines at Russia.

·  Technical Meeting with Power Machines (Electro-Mechanical Equipment Supplier) at Moscow, Russia

·  Inspection of Runner Castings for Koteshwer Hydro Electric Project (4x100 MW Hydro Units) at Ukraine

·  Operation and Maintenance of Gas Turbines Units at GE USA for two months


         Mr. Naresh Kumar Mathur

                 Sedimentation Expert

Mr. Mathur has an experience of more 40 years and handled 20+ hydro power projects. As an Self Employed consultant he is:

  •              Chairman/ Member of various dam safety review panels of various state governments.
  •             Advising Government of Chhatisgarh on Hydrology and other aspects related to Madi Tribunal
  •       Associated with consultancy firms on need basis for their Water Resources related projects and studies

During his tenure Mr. Mathur has dealt with Hydrological Analysis of Water Resources Projects in the country including Hydropower projects to be considered by Central Electricity Authority for technical concurrence, providing Hydrological inputs to Environmental Advisory Committee as its member for considering Environmental clearance of River Valley Development Projects , Design Flood Review of projects under Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Programme.  Held additional charge of Charge of CE, Dam safety Organisation for about a year with duties of Formulation and updation of standards and Guidelines, Updation and Improvement of State of Art, BIS activities, R&D activities and Trainings etc., particularly in newer areas of seismic proofing of designs, dam break analysis, instrumentation, bask water studies, foundations etc


         Mr. S.C Bansal

Hydro-Mechanical & Turbine Expert

Shri Bansal has more than 48+ years of experience in Design & planning of Hydro power plants,Design of turbines, valves & BOPs,  Monitoring for timely project completion ,Operation & maintenance of Hydro power plants

Shri Bansal has a vast experience in  the field of Planning, Design and engineering of E & M Works of Hydro Power plants,Station Layouts & SLDs, Interface with TG & other suppliers, BOP design & procurement , Design memos , Procurement specifications, Cost estimates, Finalize quality plans & Inspection at supplier works,Interfacing with civil, HM & all BOP vendors, Review of OEM drawings & a Planning network & progress monitoring, Resolution of site problems, interaction with Turbine / generator & Ensure supplies to meet site progress requirements, Lender’s engineers reporting, meetings , Project site visits, Participate  in commissioning activities/acceptance tests on  TG units, Indigenization’s /sourcing of spares & Procurement, Establish repair procedures of damaged underwater parts like runners , guide vanes , faceplates etc, Analysis of site O & M problems and resolution / prepare modification schemes, guidelines ,Making specifications for procurement of spares and other items

  •        Planning for spares for annual maintenance & advance action


      Mr. Madhuryya Prosad Chakravorty   

Vice President (Electro-Mechanical Expert)

Mr. Chakravorty has 30+ years of work experience in preliminary design, sizing and layout of the 400kV Double Circuit Hybrid Transmission System involving Underground Cable System within a National Park area and overhead Transmission Lines beyond connecting to the Grid Substation, estimation of Bill of Quantity of associated substation and transmission lines, factory inspection & quality surveillance of manufacturing of 400kV XLPE Cables, 400kV Transformer & 400kV GIS, preparation of cost estimate, preparation of Design Report comprising of sizing of equipment & technical specifications etc. of various electro-mechanical equipment like Illumination System, Ground Grid, Fire Protection System, Air conditioning & Ventilation System, 400kV Switchgear ,400kV XLPE Cables etc. He has executed assignments in various countries including Bhutan, Nepal, India, Uganda, Niger etc

         Mr. Kathiravan Parmeshwaran   

      Vice President (Civil Design)

Mr. Kathiravan has 26+years of experience including Project Development of hydroelectric projects for various Clients (Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and Reliance Power Ltd.,) which includes Project planning, design engineering, process designs, strategic planning, Construction engagement, change management, stakeholder  management, communication management.

Also has experience of Project development pre-feasibility (PFR/FR), detailed project reports (DPR) of various water resources / infrastructure projects for followings:

  • Govt. of Afghanistan / MEA, Govt. of India
  • Royal Govt. of Bhutan
  • Govt. of Kashmir
  • Kerala Water Supply Board
  • Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
  • Govt. of West Bengal
  • Govt of Maharashtra
  • M/s Bhushan Steel Pvt. Ltd.
  • M/s ESSAR Power
  • NTPC Ltd.
  • 11. CMWSSB, GoTN

            Mr. V.K Choudhary   

Project Construction, Dam & Tunnel Expert

Sh. Choudhary is having more than 35 years of experience in planning, design, construction, Contract Management, commissioning & operation of hydro projects/ power stations. The works included various infrastructure works pertaining to building of Dams, tunnels, roads and township

            Mr. G.M Prasad   

Civil Construction Expert

Mr. Prasad has more than 45+ years of experience in the Civil & Hydro-mechanical Design, technical specification of the various structures constructed in various projects as an Head of Civil & Hydro-mechanical Design Department of THDC India Ltd. Post THDC he has vast experience of Detailed engineering works and the Lender’s engineering services, Pre-feasibility studiesetc and Pumped Storage Plant of 1000 MW (4 reversible pumped turbine units, each of 250 MW) installed capacity.

  • The major projects handled:
  • Vyasi H.E.Project (120 MW)
  • Ratle HE Project (850MW)
  • Tehri Dam Project (Tehri HPP)
  • Koteshwar HE Project Tehri PSP
  • Vishnugad Pipalkoti HE Project
  • Tanakpur HE Project
  • Koel–Karo HE Project
  • Rangit HE Project
  • Chamera HE Project

            Mr. Satish Chandra Rai   

Construction Supervision Expert

Mr. Rai  has 20+ years of enriched experience in performing site survey and soil investigations; review of construction methodology, project management, contract administration, supervision and monitoring of the works in accordance to the contract requirements, approved construction drawings and method statements; construction materials testing; co-ordination with designer for various site implementation issues; prepare monthly progress report on technical matters for the client; to ensure that the construction works are supervised in accordance with established procedures; supervise the construction of works in accordance with any policies and procedures established by the employer; to check and prepare variation order proposals and recommend; carry out quality audits of the level of compliances; reviewing and monitoring contractor’s construction methods; check and approve suitability of proprietary material for incorporation into the works; supervising all tests carried out in different stages of construction and ensuring that specified tests followed the quality system requirements and are as per stipulated specifications. Mr. Rai has worked in various countries of Asia, AFRICA

            Mr. Sanjay Gupta   

   Civil Expert Dam

Dr Sanjay Gupta has 32+ years of experience including Hydro Projects, Metro, Housing & Roads and teaching. Dr Sanjay is a highly organized and efficient individual, whose thorough and precise approach to Education and industrial projects has yielded excellent results. Recent achievements with current employer include the implementation of an innovative and modern technique in higher education system and industry. Has dealt worth Gravity Dam, Earthen dam, Rock Fill dam, Steel Dam, Buttress Dam and has working experience in Tehri HEP (1000 MW), Koldam HEP (800 MW), Teesta HEP and Puralia PSP etc. Dealt with  Design and execution Embankment and protection work of Downstream Dam, Excavation and support protection of underground work, design of concrete membrane and asphaltic protection , HRT, TRT,PAC,BVC layer classification and soil classification for rock fill dam, earthen rockfill dam up stream protection , EPOXY grouting ,normal etc  

            Mr. Rajesh Chandra    

Accounts & Finance Management Expert

Mr. Chandra is professionally qualified with Cost & Management Accountant (CMA) Inter from Institute of Cost Accountant of India (ICAI) with 21+ years of experience in financial analysis, preparation of cost estimates, project budgeting, cost analysis, MIS, tax compliance, Accounting, Auditing and fund management, etc.He has experience into performing sensitivity analysis to examine the robustness of the economic viability of the project under adverse conditions, and the impact of expanded transmission capacity.  For Business Development he analyzes project risk allocation as per Company’s methodology, prepare and analyze budgets, performing strategic impact analysis etc.

            Mr. Dharampal Giri    

Industrial Engineer & HR Expert

Mr. Giri has an experience of 36+ years in NTPC Ltd., in the field of Industrial Engineering & HR. Has wide range of experience of preparation of FR/DPR of Coal, Gas & Hydro Power Projects, framing of Project Construction and Generation Incentive Schemes, manpower planning & forecasting, recruitment plan in line with corporate plan, promotion channels, job rotation and re-structuring consultancy assignments of Bandel & Santhaldih for DVC and Anpara for UPSEB.