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Ongoing Projects

1216MW Khimti Those Siwalaya & 110MW Kokhajor Storage Hydro Project 

Brief Scope of Works : Details surveys investigations and preparation of Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study Report.

Name of Client : Departments of Electricity Development (DOED) Under ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Government of Nepal.

Location of Project : Nepal

Commencement Date : March 2020

Chitravathi and Yerravaram Pumped Storage HPP in Andhra Pradesh

Project : Preparation of Pre-Feasibilty (PFR) and Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Chitravathi and Yerravaram Pumped Storage Hydro Electric Project in Andhra Pradesh including obtaining requisite clearances.

Name of Client : NREDCAP, Andhra Pradesh.

Location of Project : Andhra Pradesh, India

Commencement Date :  November 2020

130 MW Kandadji Hydroelectric Dam Project, Niger 


Name of Client : KANDADJI DAM AGENCY (ABK), Niger

Duration Of Contract : 72 Months

About the Project :

Kandadji Hydroelectric Dam is an important elementof the Kandadji Ecosystem Regeneration and Development Program of the Niger Valley.

The dam will be used for the production of energy of 130 MW by the 4 groups, protection against floods and irrigation.

Most of the dam will be earth and of the homogeneous backfill type, 8.4 Km long and a maximum height of 26m. 

Services Provided by EIPL :

EIPL shall provide following consultancy services for the project :

  • Mission 1: Preparation of Detailed Project Report / Engineering Report.
  • Mission 2: Implementation Plans.
  • Mission 3: Supervision of works and provisional acceptance.
  • Mission 4: Monitoring of the implementation of Environmental Management Plans and Social work sites developed by companies
  • Mission 5: Assistance to the Contracting Authority.
  • i) Assistance provided during the warranty period
  • ii) Assistance offered to the Owner for Operation and Maintenance.
  • iii) Technology Transfer and training of the Client's staff
Hale Rehabilitation 21 MW,Tanzania

Brief Scope of Works : Consultancy services for Hale Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Project, Tanzania

Name of Client : Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO)

Location of Project : Tanzania

Duration Of Contract : June 2015 – June 2020

About the Project :

The Government of Tanzania through TANESCO has decided to rehabilitate Hale hydropower plant in Tanga Region. Presently the power plant is suffering from general aging and wear and tear. One generator is completely down and the rest of the plant is in obsolete condition. The Government intends to have the station rehabilitated back to its full capacity of 21 MW.

The project shall be carried out in accordance the following documents :

  • Rehabilitation of Hale Hydropower Plant in Tanga Region, Tanzania, Final Project Document, 4 December 2007 (PD 2007)
  • Rehabilitation of Hale Hydropower Plant in Tanga Region, Tanzania, Final Feasibility Study Report, 7 December 2007 (FS 2007)
  • Rehabilitation of Hale Hydropower, UPDATE of Final Feasibility Study Report, 8 November 2010 (FS 2010 Update)

Services Provided by EIPL :

In association with SWECO, Sweden, EIPL has been appointed as Client’s Engineer by TANESCO for providing consultancy services for rehabilitation of Hale Hydropower Plant on Pangani River. The Contract Agreement has been signed by SWECO & EIPL.

EIPL’s scope of work includes :

  • Update the Existing feasibility report for Rehabilitation of Hale Hydropower Plant
  • Prepare Tender Documents and provide assistance in evaluation and selection of EPC contractors
  • All works related to civil structures of the project including all investigations, testings Review of Designs, Project Management, contract administration.
  • Supervision of rehabilitation/construction of civil structures, Construction as Client’s Engineer at site.
44MW Singrobo - Ahouaty Hydropower Project, Ivorie Cote, Africa

Brief Scope of Works : Owner's Engineers for Review of Designs, Factory Inspections, Quality Assurance, Site Supervision and Commissioning of 44 MW Singrobo - Ahouaty Hydropower Project, Ivorie Cote.

Name of Client :Ivorie Hydro Energy SA (IHE), Africa

Location of Project :Ivorie Cote

Commencement Date : Jan 2019

Lower Modi Hydropower Project, Nepal

    Brief Scope of Works : Project Management Services for Lower Modi Hydropower Project, Nepal

    Name of Client : Modi Energy Limited, Nepal

    Location of Project : Nepal

    Commencement Date :  August 2020

400MW Kiba Hydroelectric Project, Uganda Africa

    Brief Scope of Works : Preparation of Feasibility of Kiba Hydropower Plant, Uganda

    Name of Client : China- Africa Investment and Development Co., Ltd., China

    Location of Project : Uganda

    Commencement Date : 2018


Lender's Engineer Assignments for PFC & REC

    Projects: 120 MW Rangit-IV Hydro-electric Project in Sikkim, 96MW Rongnichu Hydro-electric Project in Sikkim, 24 MW Selti Musrang Hydroelectric Project in Himachal Pradesh, Project Management Services for 18 MW Saptdhara Hydroelectric Project, Orissa

    Brief Scope of Works :EIPL provides following consultancy services for execution of Lender’s Engineering services.

    Name of Client : Power Finance Corporation & Rural Electrification Corporation

    Services Provided by EIPL :

    Power Finance Corporation & Rural Electrification Corporation has appointed M/s Energy Infratech Private Limited (EIPL) as Lender Engineers (LE) for providing consultancy services for financing of various Projects.

    PHASE I : DUE DILIGENCE(Pre-Financial closure):

    Critical Review of Project System Design and agreements covering: Conceptual Design, Power Purchase agreement, Turnkey/ packages/Sub package contracts including non EPC items for engineering procurement, construction, start up, Hydrology and Power potential, Adequacy of Power evacuation arrangements, Infrastructure availability and adequacy, Environmental issues, if any, Review and acceptance of Disbursement schedule



Likhu Cluster Projects, Nepal

    Brief Scope of Works : Project management services for Likhu Clusters Projects, Nepal.

    Name of Client : MV Dugar Group, Nepal

    Location of Project : Nepal

    Commencement Date :  August 2019

99MW Singoli Bhatwari  Hydroelectric Project in Uttrakhand

    Brief Scope of Works :Advisory Services of  Technical Audit and Pre-Commissioning  and Commissioning of 99MW Singoli Bhatwari Hydroelectric  Project port.

    Name of Client :L&T Uttranchal Hydropower Limited (L&t UHL), India.

    Location of Project :Uttrakhand India

    Commencement Date : October 2019